How Much Does A Pontoon Boat Weigh?

how much does a pontoon boat weigh

I was once asked this question: “How long does a pontoon boat weigh?”

This made me made some research I feel I should share here:

Among all the Pontoons I know, on an average a pontoon boat weighs around 2,200 pounds and this also includes the motor’s weight, and in most cases has the ability to hold up to 2,000 pounds of people.


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So if you are to ask me: how much does a pontoon boat weight?

Some other components on the boat can also help us determine the weight of the pontoon boat.

The Trailer could weight up to 1,200 pounds, and an empty boat could weight about 3,600 pounds considering the fact that other weight may be included which in this case isn’t fixed.

For example if a boat’s carrying capacity is 2,000 pounds, and another is 2,500 pounds, despite the fact that when empty they both weight 3,600 pounds, the boats will have different weight. How?

3,600(pounds) +2,000 pounds = 5,600 pounds (for a boat with passenger capacity of 2,000 pounds)

3,600 (pounds) + 2,500 pounds = 6,100 pounds (for a boat with passenger capacity of 2,500 pounds)


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Some Examples of Pontoon Boats and their weight:

  • Yahama 115hp motor weighs under 400 pounds


  • An Avalon Eagle 16′ which weighs 1.350  pounds


  • An Avalon Catalina DLR 24′. This Pontoon boats here weight about 2,050 pounds, pretty.


  • Lowe SS210 210’20 which weights 1,860 pounds and loves us with a rent back.


  •  SunTracker Regency 254XP3 27′ and this boat weighs 2,095 pounds and when with a trailer it weighs 4,172 pounds


  • Sweetwater SW 2086 22′ pontoon boat is said to weigh about 1,773 pounds without it’s trailer, but when the trailer is included it weighs 2,448 pounds.


Why we need to know the answer to:  How much does a Pontoon Boat Weigh

Some people feel it is unnecessary to know the weight of their boats, but it’s important to do so.


We need to know the average weight of our boats, in this way we are fore seeings some circumstances, like if the boat is going to be towed, the weight of the boat determines the towing machine to be used.

A truck that is able to tow 5,500 pounds is enough to tow most of the pontoon boats in-case it’s broken down.

Having this at the back of our mind can help us make quick decisions in times when your pontoon boat has to be towed.


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