How to Reupholster Boat Seats (Simple Steps)

How to Reupholster Boat Seats

You can do all you want to make your boat seats look good. clean the hull and keep the seats smell nice, but you won’t get what you desire unless you know How to Reupholster Boat Seats.


To Reupholster your boat seats isn’t as hard as it seems to be, you just have to follow up with her steps I’ll give to you in this blog post.


One of the challenges I know People face in reupholstering their boat seats is being able to do it without costing you much money and time, and also being able to do it even if you’re not an “expert”


Any way, here’s a few tips on How to Reupholster Boat Seats, without having any real technical knowledge.


How to Reupholster Boat Seats (Step by Step Guide)


The first thing you have to do is to remove the old seats, let’s talk about that.


Removing your Old Seats 


A seat can be old and still new and Clean without it needing any proper reupholstering, so you need to make sure that the old seats really need to be reupholstered, so that you don’t waste your time.


After removing the old seats, you want to check if it is already rotting away, it all depends on what you see, but sometimes you may need to redo the wooden base and the boards at the back of the seat.


Try to clean areas that are difficult to reach, there are a lot of Boating and cleaning equipment and tools you can use to make this efficient for you.


I saw rotted wood while I removed my old seats 


So what about if while removing your seats you came across rotted wood, what will you do?


More work huh?


But in reality it actually gives you the opportunity to make your seat cleaner.


In this case you have to completely remove the seats and take it to a dry place, make sure that the seats are under a shade, or preferably in a workshop, where rain should not touch them.


The Final Step Upholstering:


So you have successfully cleaned and made sure that your old seats are good enough, so the next step is to upholster the seats.


Let’s go!!


Measure Twice Cut once!


Keep that in the back of your mind, make sure that you measure your seats so when you apply the Reupholster it’s going to be a precise fit for it.


When working with a baseboard for your old seats you want to make sure that you measure,  okay?


If you go to a professional’s shop to do this, they usually turn the boats base over, and sketch out the exact dimensions, so they can get a perfect fit. Whenever you want to rent a boat Zadar


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Never forget to Vinyl Sew:


Tons of People out there, forget to, sew and it’s gonna cause issues in the long run.


Whether you are building from scratch or not you should see the vinyl that will be placed over the surface of the boat.


Add Foam: 


We are advised to always cut foam and add it to the vinyl, this way we are making it looks stuffed or robust, especially when sewed appropriately.


You may have to park things together, but at the end it will be very fine and attractive, only if there are no foams overlaying around the corners.




Only if you know How to Reupholster Boat Seats, you can make your boat seats look in perfect condition, I hope this post helps you make your boat seats looks good.


Written by AmenaCliff

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