Where is it legal to Tie A Boat? (Best Answer)

Where is it legal to Tie A Boat

if,If you have passengers who would want to swim, the next question to ask you self is : where is it legal to tie a boat?

Where is it legal to Tie A Boat

Or if you are currently taking a test, and you wanna spy…. (Hahaha I caught you!)


I know many people Searching for this are from a test quiz so let’s answer the question in that format.


Quiz Question: Where is it Legal to Tie a Boat:




  1. To Tie it to a Mooring Buoy 
  2. Attach it to a Lighted Buoy
  3. Fix it to a Safe Water Marker 
  4. Tie it to a Non-Lateral Marker


The answer???


Wait for it!!!


Mooring Buoy!!!


Yeah it’s Legal for you to Tie your Boat to a Mooring Buoy.


It’s illegal if you tie it to a Lighted Buoy, Safe Water Marker and also a Non-Lateral Marker.


But wait, you Need to know what all these things mean so you can identify them, and do something illegal.


So let’s see what each of these things mean 


What Does a Mooring Buoy Mean?


The Mooring Buoy, is a buoy with a blue band color running horizontally on its white background color.

mooring Buoy

They are special made, so that the buoy is made safe and firmly fixed to the floor of the sea when a heavy weight is attached to it.


The Weight is usually attached with chains or loops and it performs the same function as that of an anchor, which helps to keep the buoy in position.


While it’s floating on the water, having weight chained to it, helps to keep it in place and helps the boat to be securely fixed to them, this way they don’t float away. 


They are not usually found in any area, except where boats are allowed to anchor down places like:


  • Marinas
  • Docks


Remember the Mooring Buoy is the answer to the question ‘ where is it legal to tie a boat. ⛵


What is a Lighted Buoy? (Where is it legal to Tie A Boat)


A Lighted Buoy performs the same function as that of the Mooring Buoy, because it is secured in place the same way with the Mooring Buoy

Where is it legal to Tie A Boat

But it has a different purpose, it’s meant to serve as navigation aid as it lightens and make path.


Because of the difference of purpose we are not allowed to tie our boat to a Lighted Buoy.

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Why? Does it really matter? Is it a Big Deal?


Yes it does matter and failing to adhere to this is very dangerous how?


Well, The Boat would obstruct a marked path, lighted by the lighted Buoy, and this is dangerous as it DE-navigates other boats and Vessels.


What is a Safe Marker:


A safe Marker is like a chameleon, not in shape but in different color patterns, it has red and white stripes going in vertically downwards.

safe marker

It’s also called the Fairway Buoy, there’s always as reason for the names right?


I’ll tell you why it’s called the Fairway Buoy, it’s because it’s located at the end of the channel, and it enable users to know that there are deep, and open safe waters ahead of them in their journey.


They can also be used to Mark the middle of the Channel.


Remember that this shouldn’t be used to tie your boat, in relation to our  : Where is it Legal to Tie a Boat


What is a Non – Lateral Marker:

non lateral buoy

Relatively close, to the function of the Safe Water Marker, but in this case it is used to give MORE INFORMATION, than just where you should navigate your boat to.


They could contain Text or Pictures they are more descriptive and helps you understand important aspects that you have to know.


It can even go as far as to where to find supplies, and even repairs, or other valid Information needed at that point in time.


Other Types of Buoys you should Avoid tying your boat to:



  • Nun Buoy:


nun buoy

They are easy to identify, as they are of a different shape from the rest, they inherit a cone shape.


They are always painted red in color, and most of them have numbers printed on them.


it’s also a Navigation Aid Buoy, and should be observed as well on the right side 


  • Regulatory Buoy:

regulatory buoy

They are colored white and they have orange color stripped horizontally, and in between the stripes is occupied with a Diamond Shape or a Circle Shape.


If it’s Diamond and it’s crossed, what do you think it means?

it means you should enter the territory, but it’s open, it’s probably another warning.


The Circle Shapes signify that you are entering a controlled area, and you should have limits to your speed if you see a speed limit number inside the circle.


  • Can Buoy:

can buoy

A Can Buoy is obviously shaped “Can”


They are not like Nun Buoy, they are not painted Red but they are colored green, and in most cases have an odd number attached to them (1,3,5,7….)


It’s also a Navigation Aid Buoy, and should be observed as well on the left side.


Conclusion on Where is it legal to Tie A Boat:


I hope this post has answered your question, 


Where is it legal to Tie A Boat?”


And also we have looked at the different types of Buoys and why you should tie your boats to them.


Written by AmenaCliff

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